Ok ok – so I’ve been busy pooping, feeding, sleeping, pooping and feeding. But I’m back and will write my update today x

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A few developments in the works…

I slept on and off last night as my bottoms got a spot of nappy rash and as I’m pooping allot, it gets sore.
The flip side is the gang rinse my bottom with warm water every time I need changing so it’s like having my own portable jacuzzi following me around : )
I’m now up to gulping 3oz of milk per sitting and I think some of my birth puffiness is subsiding. Mum and dad insist on kissing me all the time, which often gets confusing as I sometimes mistake dads nose for a nipple. I’m also starting to be allot more expressive with my face expressions, usually kicked off with my wind, but I’m practicing my little smile and pouting to the absolute pleasure of the family! Oh and one more thing I’ve started is dreaming. My eyes flutter and make little squeaks as I enjoy dreams of ice-cream and Grandmas cooking – yum!
This afternoon dad picked up my birth certificate so on Monday we can get my new passport for travel and the day was wrapped up with a visit from Uncle Sandep who brought yummy wine for our steak dinner, to boost mummys iron as she’s getting better and slimmer after carrying me around for so long! : )

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Target practice on dad : )

I had a bit of a rough night last night, with an upset tummy keeping me on and off awake until 4am. Mum and dad aren’t sure what it is so we’re going to pop to my doctors later tidy just to check.
My appetites really kicking in and for my 7am breakfast I wolfed 3oz of milk down, to be rewarded with a burping by dad. After burping dad and I spent a little time soaking in some morning sun to ensure jaundice was kept at bay and to make it fun I gained a little massage at the same time – bliss!!
As the last of my umbilical cord fell off yesterday I’m having to delay my first bath until tomorrow, so magical Mely gave me a sponge clean with cotton wool. Not so keen on it to be honest so I kick off now and then just to make sure Mely gets me snuggled back up sharpish.
The doctors visit was a treat! I’d put on 8oz in 8 days so mums milks obviously awesome! Once we’d had that grin, I broadened dads by puking down his front and then put mum into fits of laughter as I then pooed in his hand when he snuggled me after my exam!
Once the visit had wrapped up we set off for a little walk and my first lunch date with mum and dad, outside at Roc. Uncle Bob swung by to join us and dad held me, to the smiles of by passers, as we enjoyed a yummy pasta lunch and sneaky glass if vino. All was going smooth until dad decided to entertain us even more, as the waiter knocked dads full glass of water into his crotch. Now he was drenched top and bottom lol!
Uncle Bob cycled off after lunch and dad tried to burn off lunch at the gym while mum and I headed home for more yummy milk. It was a relaxed evening as we caught a movie and Mely took me to my crib for a good nights rest.



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Catching up : )

The weekend and the last few days were magical! I spent most of my time with my family in North Woodmere and ate, slept, ate and slept.
Dads trying to catch up on my blog so I’ll fill you in on anything of excitement in the next day or so : )
(you owe me dad!)


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Just me and mum : )


Hmmm, missing out again today! Probably for good reason though as my sisters and dad went off to Six Flags in New Jersey and mum and I decided being upside down wasn’t a good idea, and by the look of dads face caught on camera, it would have been wiser for him to have given the rides a miss too!
When they got home, dad treated me to a nice foot and back massage and we all had a fabulous dinner on the BBQ together – love fish! I’m not sure how it affects other people but it made me snore like a mini trouper and fart – you betya!





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Day chilling


Thursday – I woke mum, after sleeping in three hour intervals, with a huge pining for French toast!! Mums never liked deserts or sweet things, but I’ve put an end to that luckily.
The family all got dressed and decided it be best if I stay with Meli and benefit from the food through mums milk. I haven’t had my jabs yet, so sitting in a busy restaurant of farting, coughing adults isn’t allowed yet (luckily). When they returned full and happy, I stayed home and chilled with mum while dad went to buy flash sneakers for the girls which were awesome but not as cool as the baby Uggs the girls bought me! At home mum took advantage of her new inflow of milk with her new boob pumps, which if she keeps going at the rate she’s producing, we maybe able to open a milk stand at the Greenwich street organic fair!
We decided to chill in that night and so after their bike ride, Amelia, Beatrice and dad set off to watch Wicked at the theatre – which they said afterwards was just that! I let my poops kick in a gear which right now are every thirty minutes!






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Beatrice’s B’day bash!



Wednesday was a day of celebration at home as my poos turned from black to brown – yey!! The black stuff was like wiping tar off a road and took ages to remove, nice I know hey!
To add to the day of celebration, my sisters were arriving at our house later in the afternoon and to celebrate my sister Beatrice’s birthday being the same as mine, mum and dad had ordered a hundred balloons and picked up an iPod amp and microphone head set for her to show off her amazing voice. Not only that, it was my first visit to my new doctors in Warren street which was awesome! Well the doctors bit not so much, but peeing all over dad while I was weighed and measured was! : )
After the dr’s we went for my first ride in my mega stroller to pick up an ice-cream cake for B’s birthday party, set for later in the evening. We picked up a huge Orio one and while we waited for it to be written on, dad hugged me to his chest and bystanders stared with huge smiles at how little I was compared to my huge daddy.
My sisters arrived at 4pm and immediately swept me up in hugs and kisses – what a day!! The balloons had arrived and I looked at them mouth open as our dog Milo spent hour after hour trying to jump up to catch one – funny seeing he weights a pound less than me!
Auntie Ella, Uncle Russ, Tye, Mason, Kaiya, Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie Anna and Uncle Glen soon arrived to celebrate B’s birthday and then we all had a sing with her new birthday gift, well the tone deaf adults did, I slept through the raucous. Oh and sadly Uncle Mal was sick, so he couldn’t come, sniffle.









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Loving it at home!


So as you may have guessed, the last few days have been fabulously nuts – so sorry my dad hasn’t written much…we’re going to catch up today : )

It was my first morning in bed and to mum and dads surprise and worry I’d slept for seven hours with both of them taking it in turns staring at me. Then the buzzer sounded the arrival of my nanny at 7.15am, Mely now nick named Smely by dad, as she’s in her 70’s and farts as she walks lol. I think dad’s just glad to have someone to blame HIS farts on!
She’s amazing and as soon as she arrived she had me all organized, from diaper table to sterilizing the breast pump to planning our meals to sorting the laundry – we are going to be very spoilt for the next few weeks but delighted as mum and dad will be able to spend all their time with me and be able to sleep through the night, while Mely watches over me.
The day was spent getting all our plans in action with the fabulous visits of Uncle San from LA and locally auntie Danielle, Evette and Husnia to cheer us along and spread the joy of my arrival home.





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My first couple of days on the outside…


My entry into the big bright world was an awesome experience! We retired from the day at 11pm Sunday night, after a fabulous evening at our local Mexican restaurant with our friends Michael and Betsy. We’d all predicted that I’d stay put in mummy for another week or so, but then I thought nothing’s more fun than changing the tables and after mums sweet corn at dinner, why not join the world to the accompaniment of fire works!! I decided that this little piƱata of happiness had to come out, so with a prod from my toe, I woke mum with her waters breaking at 1am : )
Mum woke dad, who jumped up like a rocket and ran straight into the closet, thinking it was the bathroom, while mum calmly rose and went to take a nice shower. As dad hopped and fell trying to get into his clothes before bolting off to pick up the car, mum gathered all our hospital needs and let Milo outside for a quick pee.
The ride to the hospital was a little bumpy and a few times I made mum feel like I may come early, especially when mum and dad got stuck in terrible traffic on the FDR just one junction from our exit. Luckily it only lasted ten minutes and before long we were outside the hospital, where mum made dad find parking on the street to save the car park fee – lucky being born early on a Sunday in NY right New Yorkers!!
We took a quick picture of the clock outside the hospital and entered into an empty reception area and subsequently empty maternity unit – I had the place to myself – nice!
Check in was a synch and soon we were rested in our room and joined by auntie Ella and grandma Natasha for support – I’m so lucky!!
Dr Buterman arrived from West Chester in a flash and after an amazing epidural mum and I just chilled chatting as we watched the contractions on the monitor get closer and closer.
8.25am Dr Buterman popped back in and suggested we give pushing a little try. 8.26am mum gave a a quick test push and I tell you I was so excited, I decided enough waiting in this tent, I want to see my new world, so I popped my head towards the light! As the dr and nurses outside hurriedly gathered all their things to receive me, I got in position and second push I joined them all at 8.31am – yippee!
It was awesome – I whizzed straight into Dr Butermans arms noting auntie Ella and dad were holding mums legs as I went past (maybe they thought mum was going to float away with all her happiness?!) and after dad cut my umbilical cord I was in my mummys arms at last! I’d waited nine months to be snuggled with her and let out a little wail of happiness to have joined my magical family!! I so wish my brother Mike and sisters Amelia and Beatrice were here to see me, but they will soon – can’t wait!
After a quick check up to prove I was totally fine, I came back to see mum and dad with the news that I was 5lbs 15oz and 51 cm long, with blond hair (thin like dads) and blue eyes.
Granny and auntie Ella stayed with us a while and then we were moved to our new room to rest a while and cuddle together. To be honest I didn’t really want to cry much, except for when the nurses gave me that scary bath and when they pricked my heels to check my blood – ouch!
We rested the day and chatted, dad picked up yummy soup and flowers for mum and then grandpa and grandma returned with Russian food from Queens – can’t wait for that to soak into my milk supply!!
I stayed in bed with mum that night as dad popped home to get my car seat, supplies, walk and check on Milo (after aunty Neera had so kindly looked after him for the day) and tidy the house. Mum and I kept each other company with feeding every two hours, mum was a trouper and kept smiling and encouraging me the whole time I stayed awake. I’d waited so long to come out, why sleep now right! : )
At 8am dad arrived with bagels and lox and my new red car seat – flash! We filled all my paperwork out and after the blessing of Dr Buterman and my nurses I got the amazing news that we could head home anytime we wanted – awesome!!
1.00pm Monday 1st August we were packed up and jumping into the car home. We listened to some Russian and English tunes as we drove and by 2pm I was touring my house and checking out my sisters and brothers room.
During the day we had fabulous visits from uncle Mal and auntie Sarah, then auntie Anna and finally auntie Ella and auntie Limor – it was superb but I was bushed and happy to finally get rest around 8pm, enough for mum and dad to have sushi and catch an episode of House.
I was a bit hungry around 11pm and mum was just warming up her milk supply so dad fed me some formula he’d popped to the store to get. I drank over 1oz like a fish and boy did it do the trick!!
I slept from midnight to 7.30am!! Mum kept waking to check on me and dad snored. I’ll write about my fabulous second day at home today later…off for a snooze, love you, Izabella x.







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She’s here!!!


Zhanna went into labour 1am and gave birth 8.41am – so happy!
More pics and posts to follow soon! : )
5lbs 15oz

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