My first couple of days on the outside…


My entry into the big bright world was an awesome experience! We retired from the day at 11pm Sunday night, after a fabulous evening at our local Mexican restaurant with our friends Michael and Betsy. We’d all predicted that I’d stay put in mummy for another week or so, but then I thought nothing’s more fun than changing the tables and after mums sweet corn at dinner, why not join the world to the accompaniment of fire works!! I decided that this little piñata of happiness had to come out, so with a prod from my toe, I woke mum with her waters breaking at 1am : )
Mum woke dad, who jumped up like a rocket and ran straight into the closet, thinking it was the bathroom, while mum calmly rose and went to take a nice shower. As dad hopped and fell trying to get into his clothes before bolting off to pick up the car, mum gathered all our hospital needs and let Milo outside for a quick pee.
The ride to the hospital was a little bumpy and a few times I made mum feel like I may come early, especially when mum and dad got stuck in terrible traffic on the FDR just one junction from our exit. Luckily it only lasted ten minutes and before long we were outside the hospital, where mum made dad find parking on the street to save the car park fee – lucky being born early on a Sunday in NY right New Yorkers!!
We took a quick picture of the clock outside the hospital and entered into an empty reception area and subsequently empty maternity unit – I had the place to myself – nice!
Check in was a synch and soon we were rested in our room and joined by auntie Ella and grandma Natasha for support – I’m so lucky!!
Dr Buterman arrived from West Chester in a flash and after an amazing epidural mum and I just chilled chatting as we watched the contractions on the monitor get closer and closer.
8.25am Dr Buterman popped back in and suggested we give pushing a little try. 8.26am mum gave a a quick test push and I tell you I was so excited, I decided enough waiting in this tent, I want to see my new world, so I popped my head towards the light! As the dr and nurses outside hurriedly gathered all their things to receive me, I got in position and second push I joined them all at 8.31am – yippee!
It was awesome – I whizzed straight into Dr Butermans arms noting auntie Ella and dad were holding mums legs as I went past (maybe they thought mum was going to float away with all her happiness?!) and after dad cut my umbilical cord I was in my mummys arms at last! I’d waited nine months to be snuggled with her and let out a little wail of happiness to have joined my magical family!! I so wish my brother Mike and sisters Amelia and Beatrice were here to see me, but they will soon – can’t wait!
After a quick check up to prove I was totally fine, I came back to see mum and dad with the news that I was 5lbs 15oz and 51 cm long, with blond hair (thin like dads) and blue eyes.
Granny and auntie Ella stayed with us a while and then we were moved to our new room to rest a while and cuddle together. To be honest I didn’t really want to cry much, except for when the nurses gave me that scary bath and when they pricked my heels to check my blood – ouch!
We rested the day and chatted, dad picked up yummy soup and flowers for mum and then grandpa and grandma returned with Russian food from Queens – can’t wait for that to soak into my milk supply!!
I stayed in bed with mum that night as dad popped home to get my car seat, supplies, walk and check on Milo (after aunty Neera had so kindly looked after him for the day) and tidy the house. Mum and I kept each other company with feeding every two hours, mum was a trouper and kept smiling and encouraging me the whole time I stayed awake. I’d waited so long to come out, why sleep now right! : )
At 8am dad arrived with bagels and lox and my new red car seat – flash! We filled all my paperwork out and after the blessing of Dr Buterman and my nurses I got the amazing news that we could head home anytime we wanted – awesome!!
1.00pm Monday 1st August we were packed up and jumping into the car home. We listened to some Russian and English tunes as we drove and by 2pm I was touring my house and checking out my sisters and brothers room.
During the day we had fabulous visits from uncle Mal and auntie Sarah, then auntie Anna and finally auntie Ella and auntie Limor – it was superb but I was bushed and happy to finally get rest around 8pm, enough for mum and dad to have sushi and catch an episode of House.
I was a bit hungry around 11pm and mum was just warming up her milk supply so dad fed me some formula he’d popped to the store to get. I drank over 1oz like a fish and boy did it do the trick!!
I slept from midnight to 7.30am!! Mum kept waking to check on me and dad snored. I’ll write about my fabulous second day at home today later…off for a snooze, love you, Izabella x.







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  1. Fewelly says:

    Amazing! And a way more talented writer than your Dad!

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