Beatrice’s B’day bash!



Wednesday was a day of celebration at home as my poos turned from black to brown – yey!! The black stuff was like wiping tar off a road and took ages to remove, nice I know hey!
To add to the day of celebration, my sisters were arriving at our house later in the afternoon and to celebrate my sister Beatrice’s birthday being the same as mine, mum and dad had ordered a hundred balloons and picked up an iPod amp and microphone head set for her to show off her amazing voice. Not only that, it was my first visit to my new doctors in Warren street which was awesome! Well the doctors bit not so much, but peeing all over dad while I was weighed and measured was! : )
After the dr’s we went for my first ride in my mega stroller to pick up an ice-cream cake for B’s birthday party, set for later in the evening. We picked up a huge Orio one and while we waited for it to be written on, dad hugged me to his chest and bystanders stared with huge smiles at how little I was compared to my huge daddy.
My sisters arrived at 4pm and immediately swept me up in hugs and kisses – what a day!! The balloons had arrived and I looked at them mouth open as our dog Milo spent hour after hour trying to jump up to catch one – funny seeing he weights a pound less than me!
Auntie Ella, Uncle Russ, Tye, Mason, Kaiya, Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie Anna and Uncle Glen soon arrived to celebrate B’s birthday and then we all had a sing with her new birthday gift, well the tone deaf adults did, I slept through the raucous. Oh and sadly Uncle Mal was sick, so he couldn’t come, sniffle.









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