Day chilling


Thursday – I woke mum, after sleeping in three hour intervals, with a huge pining for French toast!! Mums never liked deserts or sweet things, but I’ve put an end to that luckily.
The family all got dressed and decided it be best if I stay with Meli and benefit from the food through mums milk. I haven’t had my jabs yet, so sitting in a busy restaurant of farting, coughing adults isn’t allowed yet (luckily). When they returned full and happy, I stayed home and chilled with mum while dad went to buy flash sneakers for the girls which were awesome but not as cool as the baby Uggs the girls bought me! At home mum took advantage of her new inflow of milk with her new boob pumps, which if she keeps going at the rate she’s producing, we maybe able to open a milk stand at the Greenwich street organic fair!
We decided to chill in that night and so after their bike ride, Amelia, Beatrice and dad set off to watch Wicked at the theatre – which they said afterwards was just that! I let my poops kick in a gear which right now are every thirty minutes!






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