Loving it at home!


So as you may have guessed, the last few days have been fabulously nuts – so sorry my dad hasn’t written much…we’re going to catch up today : )

It was my first morning in bed and to mum and dads surprise and worry I’d slept for seven hours with both of them taking it in turns staring at me. Then the buzzer sounded the arrival of my nanny at 7.15am, Mely now nick named Smely by dad, as she’s in her 70’s and farts as she walks lol. I think dad’s just glad to have someone to blame HIS farts on!
She’s amazing and as soon as she arrived she had me all organized, from diaper table to sterilizing the breast pump to planning our meals to sorting the laundry – we are going to be very spoilt for the next few weeks but delighted as mum and dad will be able to spend all their time with me and be able to sleep through the night, while Mely watches over me.
The day was spent getting all our plans in action with the fabulous visits of Uncle San from LA and locally auntie Danielle, Evette and Husnia to cheer us along and spread the joy of my arrival home.





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