Target practice on dad : )

I had a bit of a rough night last night, with an upset tummy keeping me on and off awake until 4am. Mum and dad aren’t sure what it is so we’re going to pop to my doctors later tidy just to check.
My appetites really kicking in and for my 7am breakfast I wolfed 3oz of milk down, to be rewarded with a burping by dad. After burping dad and I spent a little time soaking in some morning sun to ensure jaundice was kept at bay and to make it fun I gained a little massage at the same time – bliss!!
As the last of my umbilical cord fell off yesterday I’m having to delay my first bath until tomorrow, so magical Mely gave me a sponge clean with cotton wool. Not so keen on it to be honest so I kick off now and then just to make sure Mely gets me snuggled back up sharpish.
The doctors visit was a treat! I’d put on 8oz in 8 days so mums milks obviously awesome! Once we’d had that grin, I broadened dads by puking down his front and then put mum into fits of laughter as I then pooed in his hand when he snuggled me after my exam!
Once the visit had wrapped up we set off for a little walk and my first lunch date with mum and dad, outside at Roc. Uncle Bob swung by to join us and dad held me, to the smiles of by passers, as we enjoyed a yummy pasta lunch and sneaky glass if vino. All was going smooth until dad decided to entertain us even more, as the waiter knocked dads full glass of water into his crotch. Now he was drenched top and bottom lol!
Uncle Bob cycled off after lunch and dad tried to burn off lunch at the gym while mum and I headed home for more yummy milk. It was a relaxed evening as we caught a movie and Mely took me to my crib for a good nights rest.



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