A few developments in the works…

I slept on and off last night as my bottoms got a spot of nappy rash and as I’m pooping allot, it gets sore.
The flip side is the gang rinse my bottom with warm water every time I need changing so it’s like having my own portable jacuzzi following me around : )
I’m now up to gulping 3oz of milk per sitting and I think some of my birth puffiness is subsiding. Mum and dad insist on kissing me all the time, which often gets confusing as I sometimes mistake dads nose for a nipple. I’m also starting to be allot more expressive with my face expressions, usually kicked off with my wind, but I’m practicing my little smile and pouting to the absolute pleasure of the family! Oh and one more thing I’ve started is dreaming. My eyes flutter and make little squeaks as I enjoy dreams of ice-cream and Grandmas cooking – yum!
This afternoon dad picked up my birth certificate so on Monday we can get my new passport for travel and the day was wrapped up with a visit from Uncle Sandep who brought yummy wine for our steak dinner, to boost mummys iron as she’s getting better and slimmer after carrying me around for so long! : )

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