Where I come from : )

I haven’t been born yet, but being a female and knowing I will manipulate men all my life, I thought I’d start early from my moms womb and have my dad write my intro into the world : )

But before I bring you up to speed with what I’m up to, here’s a little about my roots.

My mum is called Zhanna, a beautiful woman of Russian descent, who has a fab son called Michael. He’s going to be my big brother and at sixteen years old, I hope will help me by wiping my bum, comforting me when I cry and by running errands to the shop whenever I need anything – ahhh, another man to control from the get go! Back to mum. At the moment she’s waddling around while I practice my kung fu moves and she comforts me when i have hiccups, which right now is pretty frequent – could be all the borsch and pilof I guess. She has a magically close family around her, my trendy aunt Ella, my super cool uncle Russ and their naughty sons Tyler, Mason and little daughter Kaiya, who just pipped me to the post and was born several weeks ago (“wazzup girl friend!”). Keeping an eye on all of us are my magical grand parents Natasha, who is the skinniest woman in our family, and the rib king, my grandpa Vitaliy. Then there’s another 300 plus aunts and uncles who I know will spoil me rotten and my amazing great grandmothers and fathers who i know are watching over me from above. One of which, my great grandmother Izabella, i have the honor of carrying her name forward as mine, yippee!

My dad is called William and if I’d have been a boy, which i’m sure i’m not (!), i would have carried his first and middle name (Anderson) forward. He’s what they call a Brit, a tall bloke who seems to love doing mad travel things around the world and who has superbly taken the next few months off work to chill with me as I come into the world – can’t wait to hang dad!! He has two ace daughters, who will be my sisters when I arrive, naughty Beatrice the pop singer, she’s ten and Amelia the explorer who’s twelve and just returned from her first expedition with my dad to the Galapagos, so can’t wait to hear the stories! Then there’s my famous Canadian auntie Debbie and my cuddly uncle Hans, who are kindly building me a farm house in Italy (magic) and their sons army Josh and photographer Max…both living in Europe now. My auntie Jo who’s making me curtains for my new bedroom (sleep at last!) and her sons designer Ben, fisherman Henry and mechanic Freddy, all in the south of England. And then caring auntie Emma and my dads motorbike pal uncle Pete and their mad cool soccer sons Dan and Nathan, they all live in Cardiff. My grandfather John and his wife Elizabeth live in the north of England where my dad grew up and my granny Valeria (who has my sister, Amelia’s middle name by the way) and my great granny’s Eva and Joyce are all looking down on me…great granny Joyce’s name I’ll have as my middle name….yeehaa! OK – so thats the gang, let move to the fun of what I’m up to in my mums belly, take it away dad….


2 Responses to Where I come from : )

  1. Fewelly says:

    Be nice to your parents, and they will buy you education, food, fashion, and fund a perpetual education in exotic parts of the world. Uncle Fewelly.

  2. Natasha & Vitaly says:

    Hi Izabella, it’s me, your grandma Natasha. Can’t wait to see you, hug you and share a secret family reciepes how to make everybody around you happy and be happy yourself. Love you and see you soon,
    Baba Natasha

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