Getting near

Even Milos’s getting the rough end of the stick, as mums now decided to try her hand at dog grooming versus sit board on the sofa! Funnily enough, dads just left the house incase the dog runs out of hair and she spots him hiding upstairs. I think it’s time to hide all the sharp instruments in the house!
Dad was so surprised with Milos hair cut he leant too far over on the chair and it snapped in half throwing him to the floor – that made the scissor precision even worse as mum burst in fits of laughter but didn’t stop cutting!
Today mum and I were treated to a two and half hour massage as mums back was really hurting, to the point of her struggling to walk. Dad even improvised getting mum around with a skate board so he could hold us and slide us through the apartment!
Dad entertained us after jumping on his motorbike and then jet spraying it on the street – can’t wait to go for a ride with him when I’m older!!
After the massage mum felt great and to get us out and about we popped around the corner with friends Michael and Betsy for Mexican – yum!!
After my fill of guacamole and chips and shrimp with rice we waddled back home around 10pm and settled in for a couple of episodes of Modern Family – good lord mum was giggling!
I was tired (but secretly getting ready ; ) so tricked mum and dad into an early night at 11.






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Here we go!!!


1am and we’re off to the races!!
Mums doing amazing!!
Keep you posted!!


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Noodles, drugs and stroller accessories!


Today started with the bi-weekly waddle to the car, to sit in it and wait for the cleaning truck to gain a free parking space. Mum and dad use this time to wake up over coffee and plan the day ahead. I hope I’m more romantic when I’m older!
We then took a cab uptown to see my favorite dr, Dr Buterman who checked up on mum, prodded me in the head a few times and then told us there was little change from last week. But if we wanted it, he could give me some drugs and help me come out sooner – yeehaa, drugs! Mum and dad want to consider it, but if we go for it we are looking at next Wednesday which is super exciting!
To celebrate, mum dragged dad out of the cab to get noodles, which to dads surprise, was ten blocks further uptown – great, mums bearings have totally gone! Sadly for mum though, I’d decided to take up her stomach space so she only had three mouthfuls, so we saved the gallon that was left for a midnight feast!
After lunch we popped into Buybuybaby for the 1265th time this week, sadly to find they’d sold out of stroller iPhone holders, which was lucky for me, because the chances of this stroller being able to move with me in it, PLUS the other hundred or so other accessories and bags hanging off it will be miracle! Maybe they could put an engine on it like the FedEx guys cart, who by the way I now see more often than my relatives with all this “essential” purchases. Dad tried to suggest we didn’t need one of these gifts once, and only once – it wasnt pretty! That pregnancy pillow by the way had dad sleeping on a camp bed for nearly a week poor thing and when mum discovered it didn’t actually help, it migrated to taking up the dogs place under the bed! Heads up eBay in six months!
That’s it for now – I’m a spot tired so I’m going to give mum a rest from my in womb Pilates and tuck my pointy hands and feet back in. Night x





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Nope – not coming out!


So we all thought I’d make a grand appearance before my brother Michael set off on his trip, but naa, I like it in here! I get to enjoy being bounced around as mum does Zumba, enjoy a sip of wine when mums allowed a glass and I get to listen to dad from within my audio orb lots as he’s not allowed to leave me until I’m out : )
Anyway, back to the day…We had an early rise to drive Mike to JFK and had a fun diversion to the airport when mum navigated dad over the Verizano bridge to Staten Island, that was awesome!! Pregnancy brain : )
Once we had rallied there, we quickly checked Mike in and had a team breakie of BLT’s before he gallantly waved us off from the other side of security. As expected, mums sensitivity kicked in and dad reached for the handkerchief as her tears started to flow – hope she misses me as much when I travel alone for the first time!
Once we got back into the city, I encouraged mum to eat more pasta and we went for a bite at our favorite spot Roc – sitting outside. I think I’m half Italian judging by my palette cravings, and I also think mum wants to see me, because she decided a glass of vino may encourage a swifter birth. Nice try, I’m still typing from within so no success there!
We went for a lovely walk after to bounce me around a little. It’s really cool how mum has evolved her walk to a sliding technique now, a little like cross country skiing mixed with ballet dancers open foot posture. Heyyyy, maybe we could create a new Olympic event for pregnant woman – speed gliding!
Back to the plot…so we ended up near the cinema so mum and dad treated me to the final chapter of the Harry Potter series, which we loved! Dad munched on popcorn to keep his belly as big as mums and mum gave me a workout with her coca cola..
The walk back had an interesting event. As we wandered up Reade, a tribeca blond in spray on trousers started grinning at us fondly. “That’s such a beautiful dress,” she said, but continued to show her intelligence continuing with,” but I don’t know if I’d wear it to show off my belly like that!” lol, mum nearly launched her but held her tongue as she smiled at the trophy wife some poor jock well deserves.
Giggling we wandered the final part of our outing home and then we decided to add a splash of color to my room – super exciting!
The evening was topped off with dads old school friend Gavin Douglas popping over and we then retired for the night : )






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Crabs and fishy things

Yep – today was another famous family gathering where my grandma cooked up a storm of crabs and branzino’s – and mum crunched through leg after leg, as loud as possible to irritate dad lol. When mum and her sister eat crab, it’s best to keep clear as it’s a munch feast for hours!
During the dinner my brother Mike presented us all his charity trip that he’s leaving on with World Challenge – a trip that involves helping build a school and helping the locals in Botswana and Namibia. He’ll be away for a month, so unless I make a grand entry tomorrow, he’s going to meet me when I’m getting past waking every two hours, the lucky thing.
Earlier in the day, dad had Amelia and Beatrice on Skype from England which was ace, they’ll be back early August so can’t wait to meet them too!
Mum thought today was gonna be the day, so she needled herself to help induce me before Mike left, but to be honest, I’m kind of having a blast in here so I think I’ll give it a few days – ahhh, just lying here crunched upside down – gotta love having your own womb!
Ok – gotta dash – Izabella x

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Monday giggles

Had a lovely time chilling in bed with mum this morning – we’d had a rough night so we were tryingto get some sleep catch up. Let’s hope for mum and dad I’m not a night owl!!┬áDuring the day we fixed blackout blinds in my room and mum and dads room just incase I am. They’re simple but the effect was excellent and I immediately felt more rested.

Once downstairs mum dived into a bowl of cherries dad had picked up on his way back from a breakfast meeting. Mum then proceeded to garnish herself in them in her bliss, lol! Can’t wait to taste them when theyget through my umbilical cord!

As I get ready to join the family, mum and dad are sprinting around to get all the final things together. My hospital overnight bag is all ready and packed with three little outfits, pending what size I am when I get out : ). Dads got the car parked two blocks away for the swift drive up to 72 street and the hospital, they’ve a car park at Lenox Hill hospital so we can quickly park and run in, without making mumpuke in the car I hope!

The house is all set and the plants watered. My rooms all set and th

e cribs up and waiting in mum and dads room for the first few weeks. My nurse will join us for two weeks after I’m born to help settle me in for a few weeks – she’s awesome!! Her name’s Emelia Adams, a Philippine nanny who’s in her 70’s. Her presence is so calming and she’s perfect tip to toe. Both mum in dad fell in love with her when she entered the apartment, taking her shoes off and her calm zen manner. Her advise and thoughts were right in line with all our beliefs and her newly to be published book is packed cover to cover in excellent insights, thoughts and guidance gained from the bi-yearly courses she attends and of course from her hands on experience. She’ll stay with me 24 hours a day for the fortnight and we’ll see how things go from hey!

Uncle Fewelly and Mal came and did take out with us for dinner at the

end of the day. Mums so happy having so much laughter and fun around her at the moment, especially when she’s feeling a spot rough. Later auntie Sarah joined us and we all chilled in the lounge, doing Izabella belly impressions- oyyy!!!

Ok off to bed…feel like i’m ready and mums certainly ready to bring me into the world!!


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Sunday fun


Breakfast in bed

Dad treated us to breakfast in bed on Sunday – and I provided mum the perfect table to rest her plate on. We’d all had a bit of an unsettled night so this treat helped start the day off on a happy foot.
While dad cleaned the deck, I sat inside with mum watching him work. After he treated us to a show of how a stroller does not come together – why don’t men read instructions again and did the kids make you that bald dad?
Once dad had burnt off some energy we all waddled up to mum and dads local pub – Smith and Mills – where I enjoyed bacon and eggs and some rest from our hike there.
Talking of hiking, Mikes heading abroad soon for his ChallengeUK trip so I chilled at home with mum while dad bought Mike all his trip gear – I’m so jealous I’m not going, maybe I can sneak into his back pack!!
The day sailed along calmly as mum and I chatted on the phone to my aunt and granny and dad popped to see an augmented reality play by his friend John after we decided hanging home would be a bit more relaxing, especially as dad was on the motorbike : )
Food seems to be the focus of my day at the moment and I guess with pooing, will be my focus for the next few months. Talking of which Milo, my dog, isn’t feeling too hot and dad texted mum pictures to cheer up her day – not sure I quite get that, maybe an English humor thing!
Dinner was grilled fish from WholeFoods to help grow my brain and asparagus to remind mum where I’ll be joining the world from lol.
After that dad popped out for an hour ( hmmm – doing allot of running around at the mo dad!) to his motorbike club and mum and Nike stayed home to see how much fun the emotions of an expecting mother and the new testosterone phase of a sixteen year old could have if put to the test. Good call on heading out dad!!







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Afternoon in Brooklyn


Today was a blast! I woke up after a fabulous nights sleep, coz mum wore an eye mask to keep out the daylight. Dad on the other hand arrived into the room with hair all over the place complaining of a bad back and being kept awake all night from the traffic at the front of the building, poor thing.
After a warm shower, mum kept me smiling as she giggled her way through trying to reach to her toes to get her knickers on – I’m really getting in the way now and mum hasn’t seen her toes for a few weeks! Actually, that may explain her bling toes which for some reason she’s painted gold!
Once dressed, dad and us set off to meet uncle Mal, Sarah, Scott and Aline at one of our favorite brunch spots, Les Enfants Terrible (no pun to me intended : ) where mum proceeded to knock cutlery off the tables and chairs over as she navigated me to one of her every ten minute pees. Gotta love pressing on that bladder!
After a magic brunch with lots of catch up and pregnancy stories we set off to Brooklyn to pick up my stroller, which mum had found 30% cheaper for cash off a Russian store in Brighton Beach, dad joked theres probably someone else’s kid still in it – didn’t understand that one?! Anyway mums a little sensitive right now, because she spent most of the journey crying as she watches a 1985 YouTube video of a kid dancing to a Lambada video her sister had sent her as it reminded her of her child hood!
Great news – the stroller was empty and even better, still in it’s wrapping! Dad lugged that and a few other bits to the car and then mum spotted a restaurant style she remembers from Russia – here come the tears again!! Anyway they were short lived as my parents started taking pictures with a little Russian statue by the front door. Here’s mum – I can’t show you the one of dad incase other kids read my blog!
We’d soon sorted all our shopping and dropped my brother Mike off for work at Ralphs Ices (the best!!) and we nattered to Uncle Ric and Fewelly as we drove to the store. There dad tried to control his sympathy growing tummy, which is now bigger than mums, and refrained from eating the fabulous ice-cream mum bought. Sadly for mum though, there wasn’t enough room for all that sugar and me, so when we got home I helped her throw up a good portion of it – sorry mum!
Annnyway, long day and we’re snuggled in bed after Milo lay on my head as we watched Arthur – a movie we all thought was ace!
Night night – I’ll write again tomorrow, Izabella x.





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Dad on the sofa


Today was a great day even though it was 100 degrees in NY. Mum and I waddled the one mile to the cinema with a group of other expecting mums and two hours later we were all sitting uncomfortably in our seats. It was fun taking it in turns to put our mums in contractions, wow betide the person that shush’s any of us in that time of agony!
The walk back from the cinema took fifteen minutes less as mum needs a pee. It’s really funny to watch her think she can control her speed by how fast or slow she swings her arms lol!
Good news back at home is my room is all ready and set up for me and until I’m cool with being on my own, I’ve got this pimpin crib next to mum and dads bed. Just hope I don’t get sea sick right!
Even better news is dads testing out the new sofa bed in my room as he’s been kicked out of his room as the Ralphs Ices are having me do cartwheels that i didn’t know i had the room to do in here! Hope dad sleeps ok, then again its so much fun spreading out all over the bed!!




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Izabella Joyce Travis

We're waiting!

I haven’t been born yet, but being a female and knowing I will manipulate men all my life, I thought I’d start early from my moms womb and have my dad write my intro into the world : )

But before I bring you up to speed with what I’m up to, here’s a little about my roots.

My mum is called Zhanna, a beautiful woman of Russian descent, who has a fab son called Michael. He’s going to be my big brother and at sixteen years old, I hope will help me by wiping my bum, comforting me when I cry and by running errands to the shop whenever I need anything – ahhh, another man to control from the get go! Back to mum. At the moment she’s waddling around while I practice my kung fu moves and she comforts me when i have hiccups, which right now is pretty frequent – could be all the borsch and pilof I guess. She has a magically close family around her, my trendy aunt Ella, my super cool uncle Russ and their naughty sons Tyler, Mason and little daughter Kaiya, who just pipped me to the post and was born several weeks ago (“wazzup girl friend!”). Keeping an eye on all of us are my magical grand parents Natasha, who is the skinniest woman in our family, and the rib king, my grandpa Vitaliy. Then there’s another 300 plus aunts and uncles who I know will spoil me rotten and my amazing great grandmothers and fathers who i know are watching over me from above. One of which, my great grandmother Izabella, i have the honor of carrying her name forward as mine, yippee!

My dad is called William and if I’d have been a boy, which i’m sure i’m not (!), i would have carried his first and middle name (Anderson) forward. He’s what they call a Brit, a tall bloke who seems to love doing mad travel things around the world and who has superbly taken the next few months off work to chill with me as I come into the world – can’t wait to hang dad!! He has two ace daughters, who will be my sisters when I arrive, naughty Beatrice the pop singer, she’s ten and Amelia the explorer who’s twelve and just returned from her first expedition with my dad to the Galapagos, so can’t wait to hear the stories! Then there’s my famous Canadian auntie Debbie and my cuddly uncle Hans, who are kindly building me a farm house in Italy (magic) and their sons army Josh and photographer Max…both living in Europe now. My auntie Jo who’s making me curtains for my new bedroom (sleep at last!) and her sons designer Ben, fisherman Henry and mechanic Freddy, all in the south of England. And then caring auntie Emma and my dads motorbike pal uncle Pete and their mad cool soccer sons Dan and Nathan, they all live in Cardiff. My grandfather John and his wife Elizabeth live in the north of England where my dad grew up and my granny Valeria (who has my sister, Amelia’s middle name by the way) and my great granny’s Eva and Joyce are all looking down on me…great granny Joyce’s name I’ll have as my middle name….niccce! OK – so thats the gang, let’s move on to the fun of what I’m up to in my mums belly, take it away dad….

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